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Lovely comments

  1. I'm definitely on board the bowl train, too, though I've never had a buddha kind before! This sounds delicious, Kelly! I love the chickpeas, squash, and broccoli in here. This sounds like the perfect, lighter meal, especially with that avocado dressing!
  2. Bowls are the new plates and I'm totally down with it. It really is amazing how rice bowls have become all the rave when we've essentially been growing up on it in many Asian families. : ) This is wonderfully healthy, filling, and satisfying. It is perfect food to fortify you to shovel the 2ft+ of snow we got! Yikes.
  3. These are such delicious looking bowls kelly and I am happy to see sprouts featured there. Also, that avocado cream. YUM!
  4. It really looks like light and healthy dish! And also very delicious!
  5. For me the chickpeas are the "star of the show"! I love chickpeas! This roasted veggie bowl looks not only healthy, but delicious too!! :-)
  6. A bowl of all my favorite food in one. Love the combo and how colorful it is.
  7. What a great Meatless Monday meal, Kelly! I'm also excited that mainstream America is finally catching on to some of our Asian food staples. Yay!
  8. This bowl looks so tasty and hearty! Love all the veggies. No one would even miss the meat!
  9. Oh yum! I love rice bowls and this one looks just how I like them. Packed full of veggies and a yummy sauce drizzled on top. Beautiful!
  10. I'm a huge fan of Buddha Bowls! These look so delicious Kelly! Just beautiful! Pinned!
  11. I agree, I could not be happier that Buddha bowls are so trendy! They always taste amazing and it's such a great way to get so many healthy foods together in a way that's easy to eat. These look SO good!
  12. Wow! These Buddha Bowls sound and look amazing! Love the idea of the avocado crema drizzled on top! Yum! I love reading how your family ate dinner together every night...but I'm also curious to know what concerts you guys enjoyed as a family! Love that, too! Have a great day, Kelly!
  13. I'm totally on board the bowl train! I love that you can pile up a bunch of your favorite ingredients into a bowl and call it a meal. :) This looks delicious, Kelly, and that avocado drizzle looks like the perfect way to top it all off!
  14. Pinned! I love Buddha bowls. These looks so healthy and vibrant, Kelly!! :D
  15. Meal bowls like this are my absolute favorite!! Especiallyyyyy when there are roasted veggies involved!! haha I just love all the components you have here! Hope you had a great weekend Kelly!
  16. Kelly this buddha bowl is making me so hungry!!! Love all the vegetables you added!!
  17. I kind of forget how amazing and easy these bowls are! And I never knew that they're a typical dish for Asian families! You and Ashley always make sure my meals for the week are covered ;) This one's going on next week's menu!! Thanks Kelly :)
  18. I feel like I am missing out on the bowl trend -- how fun to top them back up once your mix ins get low! These are packed with so many good things!
  19. woah the bowl has all my favorite things! looks amazing Kelly and now I am hungry!
  20. I love these nutrition packed Buddha bowls! I should start doing Meatless Mondays, because with a recipe like this one, it is a meal to look forward to!
  21. I got so excited when I saw these bowls! Bowls are seriously the best dinners, especially with an awesome sauce! You're the best, Kelly :)
  22. This buddha bowl includes everything I ever want in a bowl! Looks incredible!
  23. Oh, these bowls are SO gorgeous, Kelly! I love looooove all that healthy roasted veggie goodness! Such a perfect weeknight dinner! :)
  24. What a beautiful bowl!! I've been all about quinoa bowls lately and love all the pretty colors of the veggies :)
  25. Wow!! Just wow! I am loving every single thing in this!
  26. I love how bright and colorful these are! So nutritious and packed with flavor. Just what I need!
  27. Ohh, I love buddha bowls. And love how vibrant, gorgeous and delicious this one looks! Looks so nutritious and full of good health this is. It has been so freezing cold, and I so need this bowl right now! :)
  28. This is my kind of Buddha bowl! Look at ALL those yummy roasted veggies! Seriously, I'm in heaven with this as my meal. Pinned and can't wait to give it a try!
  29. I love everything in this recipe and I love the bowl trend, I can't wait to try this one Kelly looks amazing and so healthy too :D
  30. these bowls look amazing!! So hearty and filling with lots of flavor!
  31. I'm totally into bowl food, and this bowl looks so bright! I love that you'll get a variety of texture in each bite!
  32. I've never had a Buddha Bowl before, but I've definitely seen a lot of different bowls lately. I do love me some roasted veggies and quinoa though and this looks fabulous!
  33. These have my name all. over. them. They look SO good, Kelly!
  34. Oh, my gosh, does this look outstanding!!! The hubby wouldn't go for it, but I'd love, love to eat this for my lunches ALL week long!
  35. This buddah bowl looks so heathy and filling! My favorite combination :) I am always looking for ways to get more veggies on my diet, and this is perfect!
  36. I am most definitely on board the bowl train! Why is it that food in bowls just tastes 1 million times better?! I especially love buddha bowls, or any bowl filled with goodness, so this one has me drooling, Kelly! LOVE everything you packed in here! And that avocado cream sauce sounds to die for! Pinned! Cheers, my dear!
  37. Kelly, I love these roasted vegetable buddha bowls!!! So pretty and LOVE that avocado cream dressing . . love that almost all of the veggies are roasted! even more flavorful!
  38. I could do some damage to one of these Buddha Bowls! These need to go on our menu soon. So many great flavors!
  39. Buddha bowls are a staple in our household, being vegan, and we eat every kind of rice/quinoa/barley combo imaginable, they just taste so damned good (and they look so pretty too!). Love this Kelly!
  40. 2016 is the year of the bowl!! Let's keep that trend going because I love Buddha bowls! Yum
  41. Leslie R says:
    I am just about finished making this, and in the instructions I didn't see where to put the cumin. Thx!
    • Hi Leslie, Sorry about that, the cumin goes over the chickpeas. You can definitely add it in the end and toss them around. I fixed the recipe, thanks for pointing that out! :)
  42. Loving buddha bowls at the minute - and that this one uses up extra weekend roasted veg is great. Not to mention that your dressing is healthy as well as yum! Thank you!
  43. Where is the recipe? Thanks!
  44. Do you have any nutritional information for this recipe? It looks delicious, but hard to enter into my calorie tracker.

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